On the map, ma!

As my friends and family, who will doubtless be the first readers of this blog, will know, I have been unconscionably neglectful in building my own website these past several years. It would appear that the joke was on me all along, this was infrequently frustrating and overall incredibly easy. Ah, practiced, deft prose style, how unacquainted we've become! "Why use ONE adjective, Stephen, when you can so easily use THREE?" Hopefully regular posting will send this horrid florid forehead-slapping horseshit back to the dormroom where it belongs.

I'm upstate at my parents house, pulling feverishly on an e-cigarette in the (likely vain) hopes that its meager nicotine vapors will be enough to replace the painful, lung-puncturing joy of smoking an actual cigarette, given the unsubstantiated liberal media rumors that cigarettes can kill you. Pshaw, I say! But they sure do smell and running the morning after smoking is hell on earth so for the umpteenth time, here we go on the quitting train, be nice about the inevitable weight gain the next time you see me, I'm working on it and it's ostensibly better to spend a short time plump than an even shorter time rotting your insides with the smoke of a plant which manages to poison you no matter how you put it in your body. How is tobacco legal?

It crossed my mind momentarily to discuss the gentle storming outside of my window, the delicate ballet of rain's beatific fall upon the driveway I remember so many times running upon in my youth, but it then occurred to me that literally anything else I could write would be a better use of my time and yours and I farted. 

I'm grateful in advance to anyone who makes their way here. Enjoy looking around, I'm still working on getting some more scans of artwork both new and old to flesh out the page some, but being stranded up here with most of my portfolio hopefully not falling off of the back of a train at the moment, I had to work with what I had. Suffice it to say, there is more to come, more announcements and previews of upcoming projects, pictures from our road trip in the next few days, more borderline unreadable blog posts... More of everything that makes hanging out with me such an unpleasant and obstreperous endeavor.

So yes. More to come. Enjoy, direct your friends here, and have fun.